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How Lando Norris Plans on Beating Daniel Ricciardo Using Max Verstappen

How Lando Norris Plans on Beating Daniel Ricciardo Using Max Verstappen

It looks like Lando Norris may already have begun his research on his new McLaren team-mate for 2021. Daniel Ricciardo signing for McLaren was considered a major coup for the Woking outfit. Mainly because they got an experienced driver who has won 7 races and a further 29 podiums.

However, another reason for McLaren fans to be happy was because they’d get to witness a new bromance in 2021. Everyone knows that the Australian is quite a humorous character and as seen in press conferences before, Lando and Daniel get along just fine.

The 2021 season is a year away but that hasn’t hindered Lando Norris. The Briton is keen to get under his new McLaren team-mate’s skin and he knows just the guy to help him do that.

“I’m sure Max will give me tips to get Daniel Ricciardo angry”- Norris

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo was Max Verstappen‘s team-mate for nearly three seasons. So, the Dutchman may know a thing or two about the Australian. That is whom Lando will be relying on for some information.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 Lando said, “ Max gives me a lot of good tips. He knows a lot about Daniel. That’s part of it, you’ve got to get to know your team-mates.”

On the serious side of things, Lando added, ” As much as you want to get along, you want to know what their weaknesses are and their strengths are and so on. You want to have fun in F1 and that’s what I want to do, but your biggest competitor is also your team-mate.”

He jokingly concluded by saying, ” Whoever has tips on what makes Daniel angry, I’m sure Max will be the guy to ask.”

Daniel Ricciardo might also want to begin with by gathering some information on Lando to keep things even. I’m sure he won’t need to look a lot further than YouTube.

However, both Lando and Daniel will have to put their research projects on hold. Instead, they’ll need to focus on the 2020 season, which is all set to begin on the 5th of July with the Austrian Grand Prix.

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