How Sebastian Vettel Can Reportedly Replace Sergio Perez at Aston Martin in 2021 and Why It Makes Sense

July 15, 2020 11:12 am

While Ferrari may be in a sharp and drastic decline, there’s another team on the grid whose fortunes couldn’t be in greater contrast to that of the Italian outfit. That team is Racing Point.

The Silverstone-based outfit, which will be called Aston Martin in 2021, has made major progress this season and possesses a car to become a regular podium challenger.

The RP20’s performance in the opening two races of the 2020 season left both fans and rival teams dumbfounded. Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll proved why this team could be the dark horse of the season by flying up the grid, despite struggling during qualifying due to the terrible weather conditions.

Perez started the race at P17 but rocketed up to P6 by the time he crossed the checkered flag. He was on track to finish P4 if it weren’t for a damaged wing tracing back to a collision with Alex Albon.

However, if the latest reports from ‘Bild‘ are to be believed, the Mexican’s contract could be cut short in favor of Sebastian Vettel.

According to Motorsport, the German website claims that a contract has been offered to the German at the expense of Perez, who has a contract until the end of the 2022 season.

Apparently, Racing Point can trigger an early exit clause in Perez’s contract. This would release Perez from his current deal with the team, freeing up a seat for the 4-time World Champion.

Now we analyze why Racing Point/Aston Martin wants Vettel on their books for next year.

3 reasons why Aston Martin wants to join hands with Sebastian Vettel for 2021

1. The allure of a 4-time world champion is too hard to resist

As Aston Martin looks to take the next step in their crusade to win a world championship, why would they want to ignore someone who has been there and done that?

Vettel is only 3 years older than Perez but unlike the Mexican, Vettel brings the know-how and all the tricks of the trade required to make Aston Martin a title contender in the near future.

2. Experience galore

Perez’s resume is clearly no match for that of Vettel. The German has been on the podium 112 times more than Perez has, an astounding figure indeed.

He has also won 53 races to the Mexican’s zilch. By no means are we trying to degrade Perez, who really is a highly skilled driver. But if Aston Martin wants to make a real statement of intent, then it seems like a no-brainer.

3. The dad connection that spells doom for Checo

If Aston Martin wants to bring in Vettel why would they want to ax Perez? Especially when the team already has a more expendable resource.

The answer to that is quite elementary. Lance Stroll is the son of team owner Lawrence Stroll. Were it any other team, fans would have seen Vettel partnering Perez for 2021, but not in this team. Unfortunately for Perez, that spells adios.

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