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100th Podium & 33rd Win Termed Insignificant by Fernando Alonso as He Puts on Blinkers to End 16 Year Misery

Published 03/14/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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via Imago

The 2023 Formula 1 season has only just begun. This year, we’ll see a whopping 23 races come to fruition as the sport seeks to expand. But what have we learned so far about things to come? Well, for one, Max Verstappen and Red Bull seem like the clear favorites to wrap things up in their favor once again. This was expected after the dominant display the Bulls served the entire grid last year. However, we also have a massive curveball coming our way in the form of Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso, the dark horses of this era of F1.

No one expected Aston Martin to make the gains they’ve made this season. After all, no lower-midfield team ever has made such a leap forward. That being said, what everyone predicted during pre-season testing came true as Alonso, 42, stormed to a well-deserved podium during the opening Grand Prix of the season. Does this mean Aston Martin are serious title contenders? In all fairness, it’s been just one race. For Alonso, though, he’s convinced this is his era to dominate.

via Imago quoted the Spaniard as saying, “A 100th podium? A 33rd victory? No, I’m going for a world championship.” [translated via Google Translate]. Alonso’s bullishness about his title aspirations isn’t all that delusion.


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We have huge changes coming to the car. So far everything that has been announced to me by the technical team has materialized. If these developments bring the hoped-for gains, it will be normal to aim high,” explained the man currently sitting 3rd in the Driver’s championship.


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Alonso and his fans might only be the one’s looking optimistically at the future. As it stands, there’s more than one detractor to the Spaniard’s glory.

Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin tipped to stumble, eventually

“There are no miracles in F1,” Alonso had said before the season began. And this might be true to the detriment of the 42-year-old racing ace. As per ex-Mercedes strategy boss James Vowles, Aston Martin doesn’t have it in them to reach the zenith of this sport.


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via Imago

Especially since the whole rear part of the car comes from Mercedes,” said Vowles while expressing his astonishment at Aston Martin’s pace. He then went on to stick in a pin in Alonso’s title ambitions.


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So what they did well was the aero development. But it’s still hard for me to imagine Aston Martin being in the top three teams consistently.”


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