Carlos Sainz Explains Why He’s Not Worried by Recent Ferrari Struggles

July 17, 2020 2:56 pm

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz asserted that Ferrari’s recent struggles weren’t a cause for concern. The Spaniard maintained that he wasn’t “regretting” his switch to Ferrari just yet because of the unpredictability in F1.

Sainz explained how quickly things can change in F1 for any team from one season to the next.

Judging by current results and form, McLaren are firmly ahead of Ferrari with a car that appears to be much superior. If the Prancing Horses don’t pull up their socks, McLaren might just beat Ferrari in the Championship Standings.

For Carlos Sainz, switching from the British team to the Scuderia is arguably a downgrade. With the homologation rules kicking in, Ferrari are stuck with the same engine for yet another season.

A major reason behind Ferrari’s struggles is to do with its engine. The SF1000’s engine is something that simply is not on the same level as its rivals. As a result, Ferrari have a major deficit in terms of straight-line speed, a problem that’s not easy to fix.

Yes, Ferrari are unlike any other F1 team. The glory involved in driving for the Maranello outfit is second to none. However, Sainz is probably sweating a little over his choice to ditch McLaren.

Can Ferrari turn things around?

Nevertheless, the Spaniard is banking on the fact that a team’s fortunes could always change.

“Many people are asking me this question, like if I am extremely worried or regretting my decision or anything,said Sainz in the pre-race press conference.

“I feel like it is not a real question to be answered right now. I think it is way too early in the season. We all need to be a bit patient. I think you’ve clearly seen how much a car can change from one year to another – how much Racing Point can change from last year to this year, how much Ferrari can change from last year to this year.

“The good thing about Formula 1 is that this never stops and that I’m not worried about it happening now because in a year, in 365 days, everything could change.”

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