“I’m Used to This Stuff”- Sergio Perez Reflects on Sebastian Vettel Potentially Replacing Him at Aston Martin

July 17, 2020 12:33 pm

A few weeks ago, Sebastian Vettel joining Aston Martin in 2021 would’ve seemed like an impossible proposition. What started off as a silly rumor, has spiraled into Sergio Perez being pushed out of Racing Point despite having a contract.

The Mexican is now staring down a dark abyss with his future in F1 seeming rather bleak.

Sergio Perez and Racing Point: An abrupt ending

Perez joined Racing Point, then Force India, back in 2014. The Mexican’s clinched many podiums along the way but his biggest strength was loyalty.

When the going got tough, Perez stuck with the Silverstone-based outfit and played a pivotal role in saving the team.

In 2018, Force India was on the verge of collapse but Sergio never gave up on the team. Racing Point eventually pulled through, with the Mexican by the team’s side all along.

After an arduous period of recovery, Racing Point finally has a car that is capable of pushing the team to greater heights.

Sadly, one of the key architects of this ambitious project may never experience the fruits of his labor. According to numerous reports, Perez has an exit clause in his contract which enables Racing Point to trigger an early exit for the Mexican.

While one of the core principles of F1 is racing, it is ultimately a business at the end of the day.

With rumors of Vettel joining Aston Martin breaking out, the press bombarded Perez over his future and his reaction to a premature exit from the team he helped in building from the ground up.

The Mexican maintained an optimistic but mostly realistic outlook on the whole situation.

“At the end of the day, this is a business,” said Perez, as quoted by F1.com.

The team don’t owe me anything: Perez

“To go forward, everyone has to be happy. The reason we saved the team was not for later on. It has nothing to do with other things. We did it to save the jobs, and that will always remain with me, whatever happens.

“I didn’t do it for people to thank me. The team don’t owe me anything, so that has nothing to do with it. The team has taken a big step forward so it’s good to have big names related to the team.

“Because that means that we’re making a good job, we’re making progress and I think the team should be proud of it. And the rest? I’ve been in Formula-1 10 years so I’m used to this stuff.”

The Mexican also confirmed interest from one other F1 team in the paddock. While he didn’t drop any hints over the team’s identity, an educated guess points towards Haas F1.

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