WATCH: Sebastian Vettel Has a Witty Reply to a Cheeky Question on Aston Martin

July 17, 2020 1:01 pm

Driver press conferences can throw up some interesting questions from time to time. This Thursday, ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, it was Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel who had to answer the ‘Most random question of the day.’

The question thrown at him was, ‘What’s your favorite car from a James Bond movie?’ Maybe they were trying to coax Vettel to say, Aston Martin.

That would certainly have been very cheeky considering all the rumors that are doing the rounds. But either the German realized what was going on or was just too innocent. Nonetheless, he gave an answer.

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Sebastian Vettel reveals his favorite James Bond car to be the one that was ‘sawed in half’

Answering the question, Vettel said, “The one that got sawed in half. Do you know which one it is? Come on! (asks Charles Leclerc) Trivia, do you know which one it is?”

When neither the interviewer nor Leclerc could recollect the car he was talking about, Vettel gives them the name of the movie.“I think that… which one – Morning never dies? Or something is it? No? Which one is it? Tomorrow never dies.”

However, Vettel got the name of the movie totally wrong. The scene where a car was sawed in half was from, ‘The World Is Not Enough.’ And if you are still curious as to which car Vettel is referring to? He meant the BMW Z8.

Away from all the fun and games, Vettel will be fully focused on this weekend’s race at the Hungaroring. After only managing a solitary point from the first two races. He’ll be eager to bounce back with a strong showing at Budapest.

The Ferrari SF1000 is definitely miles away from being a championship-winning car. In fact, it might not be the best among the midfield either. Therefore the onus is on the drivers, i.e Vettel and Leclerc, to use their skills to get the best out of this car.

Leclerc already proved that it is possible by bagging P2 in the season opener (albeit with some help). Now the spotlight is on the 4-time world champion.

Can he replicate Leclerc’s podium finish? We’ll soon find out.

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