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“I Don’t Expect Miracles”: Sebastian Vettel Responds to Ferrari Changing His Car’s Chassis

“I Don’t Expect Miracles”: Sebastian Vettel Responds to Ferrari Changing His Car’s Chassis

Earlier, there were reports that Scuderia Ferrari plan to help Sebastian Vettel regain his form with a chassis change. This change is coming ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. Apparently, the Maranello outfit discovered that the original SF1000 chassis sustained some damage after the Silverstone GP weekend.

So far this season, Vettel’s performance has been on a downward spiral and his motivation is depleting rapidly. Recently, he spoke to the official Formula One website on various subjects before talking about the chassis swap. Interestingly, the former Barcelona winner is not holding his breath in any hopes of a massive improvement.

He said, “Only time can tell [if it’s better]. but the thinking behind it is that we changed it because the other one was broken. We found a little crack after the weekend in Silverstone and it’s back to get repaired and probably becomes the spare chassis at some point, but now the spare becomes my race chassis. We will see. I don’t expect miracles, but hopefully I’ll have a smoother weekend and a smoother race on Sunday.”

Can Sebastian Vettel regain his mojo?

This season, Charles Leclerc has got Vettel’s number practically branded in his memory. The Monegasque driver has single-handedly hauled in the lion’s share of Ferrari’s points. Sebastian Vettel has not really helped his own case with getting tangled with other drivers or spinning on his own.

Sebastian Vettel

To make matters worse, the 4-time world champion is out of a seat at the end of the 2020 season. While there are rumors linking him back to F1, at the expense of some drivers, his performance may cost him. In other words, prospective recruiters may stop to think about trying to hire him.

On one hand, having a 4-time world champion on the squad is too lucrative to pass up. However, the other end of the spectrum says that he is not what he used to be and his constant mistakes could be his downfall.

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