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Lewis Hamilton and his brother Nicolas Hamilton have faced many adversities in their lives. The 7-time champion has repeatedly said how difficult the journey to the top has been owing to his black background. While Nicolas might have faced similar issues too, his disability, a form of Cerebral Palsy was a bigger issue to deal with. But he conquered that too to emerge as a successful racer. However, he now reveals how a gambling addiction had threatened to steal everything he had, including an extravagant gift from Lewis.

On his 24th birthday, Nicolas received a Mercedes C63 from his older brother, who was 3 years into driving for Mercedes. As of today, that car costs over $80000 (as per Mercedes’ website). That same year, in 2016, the British racer who drove in the Touring Car championship had developed a severe gambling addiction, that began with a mere 2-pound bet.

“I won (the 2-pound soccer bet) and then I went home and I delved deeper,” Nicolas told the Times, “I wanted more of the winnings — and the losing didn’t really deter me. It just got me in a cycle. I couldn’t stop thinking about it — I just wanted to go back to my computer. The whole day would go quite easily. I could see it was a problem but I was too far in. I was scared to stop.”


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He says that eventually, the addiction ascended to thousands of pounds being lost via bets. As a result of the endless guilt-dopamine loop, he had to sell the prized gift from his brother to cover his tax liabilities.

“I’d lost so much money that I felt like, if I stopped, I was in a hole that I wouldn’t get out of,” Nicolas said about his addiction. Then the final blow came. In 2017, he received a mega tax bill. And since he was not good with finances then, the only way out for him was to sell the gift from Lewis.

I felt so ashamed, using this amazing gift (from Lewis) to pay my tax bill. It felt like I had practically stolen the money from my brother and I have never forgiven myself for that,” he writes in his book, ‘Now That I Have Your Attention’, according to The Times.

It is heartbreaking to hear this story. But it is only a small part of Nicolas’ journey that shaped him to be the inspiration that he is today.

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