“I Tried to Do It as Quick as Possible: Max Verstappen Once Complained of Spiderman Tom Holland-Like Problem After an Uncomfortable Podium Ceremony

Published Dec 9, 2022 | 1:00 AM EST

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Imagine yourself as an F1 driver who is about to begin a thrilling race but might need to go pee in the middle of it. Sounds tricky, huh? And imagine how annoying it will be for the drivers who frequently encounter these circumstances. After an awkward podium ceremony a few years ago, Max Verstappen was discovered whining about a Spiderman-like problem.

The Red Bull official YouTube channel published a video back in 2019 showing Alex Albon and Max Verstappen having an absurd conversation while they were teammates. Albon questioned the Dutchman as soon as the video began, “Have you wet yourself in a race?”


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Verstappen responded to this, and most of us would probably associate this hilarious tale with Tom Holland, who complained that he too was trapped in a heated costume with a full bladder while filming Spiderman Homecoming.

The Dutchman said, “No, no, I didn’t, but I really had to go to the toilet. But the problem was, you know, was an F3 actually in Norisring. So already before the race, I had to go to the toilet. But, the thing was, I think at the time I was watching DTM in the hospitality. Yeah, so it’s almost too late for the race. So I had to run back, put my suit on, jump in the car.

“But I had to go to the toilet. But I couldn’t, of course. Started the race and then we had a red flag, so then we stopped and I said “can I go to the toilet?” They’re like, “no, no, they’re gonna restart in like 5 minutes. Yeah. So it’s at the end, like 15-20 minutes. And I really had to go to the toilet, so I tried to do it as quick as possible. “Well, I didn’t pee on the podium, but of course, I had to run to the toilet,” he added.

Every driver has undoubtedly had this problem at least once throughout the course of their career. However, after hearing this amusing aspect of Verstappen, let’s see what infamous aspect of the Dutchman, Alex Albon, is revealing.

Alex Albon reveals the political side of Max Verstappen

For the most part, the world is only familiar with one side of Max Verstappen, that of a passionate yet conceited racer. However, his former colleague tells the real story behind the conceited Max Verstappen. Additionally, the now Williams driver reveals the Red Bull ace driver’s political side.

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Alex Albon, who was a teammate to Max Verstappen before Sergio Perez joined the Milton Keynes side in 2021, said, on the Beyond The Grid podcast, “He’s very straightforward. One of the most straightforward, actually. He has a lot of self-confidence, and self-belief which you’d do if you wanna win the World Championship, but of course even before then. And he is in a position where he doesn’t need to be political, I think.”


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Truthfully speaking, because he can do the talking on the circuit. So people see him as maybe arrogant. I don’t think he’s at all. I think he’s very determined, very hungry, sure of himself, but he’s not arrogant,” the Thai-British racer added.

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For us F1 fans, flashing the vehicles on the F1 tracks seems like a simple task. But in practice, it requires a lot of grit, drive, and self-discipline, which occasionally may be able to aid you as it did for Max Verstappen.


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