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“I Was Just Praying”- Lewis Hamilton Reveals His Emotions on the Last Lap of the British Grand Prix

“I Was Just Praying”- Lewis Hamilton Reveals His Emotions on the Last Lap of the British Grand Prix

What a race that was! F1 fans were probably getting ready to complain about how bad the British Grand Prix was but Pirelli tires had other ideas. Once again proving that he can stay cool under pressure, Lewis Hamilton managed to win the British GP with 3 tires and a Dutchman breathing down his neck.

On the last lap of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s front left tire delaminated. With Verstappen on fresher rubber closing in, it seemed like Hamilton’s race was over.

The 6-time World Champion reflected on an unlikely victory and expressed relief at winning the race. However, contrary to what many would believe, Hamilton revealed that he was calm and composed on the final lap of the race.

My heart nearly stopped: Lewis Hamilton

Speaking to David Coulthard after the race, Lewis said:

“Valtteri was pushing incredibly hard, and I was doing some management of the tire, he looked like he wasn’t. When I heard that his tire went, I was just looking at mine and everything seemed fine, the car was still turning no problems.”

Hamilton added that he started to back off once he caught wind of Bottas’ tire failing. However, the Brit’s Mercedes also suffered the same fate as Bottas at the end of the first sector.

“Just down the straight it deflated, and I just noticed, the shape just shifted a little bit. And that was definitely heart in the mouth kind of feeling.

“I was just praying to get it around and not be too slow and I nearly did get around the last two corners.”

Hamilton admitted that the team should have stopped to avoid the risk of delamination.

Had Red Bull not stopped Max Verstappen, the team would’ve secured an unlikely victory at Silverstone. However, one could argue that there were no guarantees of Verstappen’s tires not falling off.

“I was really chill for some reason at the end,“ disclosed Hamilton, when asked on his reaction to Verstappen’s last-lap charge.

Ultimately, Hamilton managed to limp to yet another win at Silverstone, in a near-flawless race. Even with 3 tires, the 6-time World Champion only made a tiny error in the penultimate corner of the last lap.

“My heart nearly stopped, that’s probably how cool I was, cause my heart nearly stopped.”

Minus the last lap drama, Hamilton’s British Grand Prix was unblemished. He now holds 7 victories around Silverstone.

SOURCE- Motorsport.com

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