“I’m Not Sure I Could Do That”- Sebastian Vettel Reveals Why He Won’t Become an F1 Pundit After Retiring

July 20, 2020 1:09 pm

The biggest name of this year’s silly season- Sebastian Vettel, is yet to announce his future plans. There are multiple theories floating around suggesting various teams, retirement, or even a sabbatical from the sport. However, Vettel himself has ruled out the possibility of taking up the role of an F1 pundit.

In a recent sit down with Martin Brundle, the 4-time World Champion rejected the possibility of becoming an F1 expert. Despite being one of the more knowledgeable drivers on the grid, Vettel doesn’t see himself conducting F1 interviews when he retires.

I don’t see myself wanting to be the expert: Sebastian Vettel

What differentiates Sebastian Vettel from any other F1 driver is his ability to articulate his thoughts when answering a question. The German driver always says it like it is and never shies away from tackling difficult questions.

Furthermore, Vettel has a genuine interest in the workings of an F1 car that goes beyond what the average driver actually cares about.

These stellar attributes fit perfectly in an F1 ‘expert’s’ resume, but it’s not a job Seb wants when he hangs his helmet up for good.

Speaking to Brundle on Sky F1, Vettel said:

“No, I don’t know, I like to talk but I’m not sure I could do that side of it. I think its easier to give answers than to ask questions and to keep track of where the conversation’s going”

“So I don’t think its that easy, you don’t have an intelligence in your ear. So you have to prep for it and so on. Which I guess after a while you might get into it but just I don’t know..”

“I don’t see myself wanting to be the expert if you know what I mean.”

The German went hinted at doing something different but didn’t disclose what that would be.

I think it’s also a great challenge to expand your knowledge in terms of maybe do something different. Who knows what that is, I don’t know what that is for myself yet.”

While Vettel hasn’t officially announced any plans beyond 2020, rumors suggest the former World Champion is headed to Aston Martin.

Will we see Seb on the grid next year?

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