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In Glitz and Glamour, Ferrari Unveil Their Gorgeous Looking SF1000, Their 2020 F1 Car

In Glitz and Glamour, Ferrari Unveil Their Gorgeous Looking SF1000, Their 2020 F1 Car

Ferrari SF1000

Lights, nostalgia, history and an iconic venue. Form is temporary, but class is permanent. The 2020 Ferrari car launch echoed these words. The Scuderia have an undeniable charm which I am sure left even the most indifferent F1 fan hoping for a good year for the red team.

Ferrari launch 2020 F1 car

After months of anticipation, Ferrari has finally launched their 2020 F1 car. First impressions? The car looks stunning and seems to have carried over some features from its predecessor. Noticeable changes include a bolder driver number on the front and rear wings, with a slightly redesigned rear wing. Additionally, there are minor changes to the front wing and engine cover-a minor bump reminiscent of the shark fin. The iconic matte paint coupled with a ravishing black and red colour scheme is sure to turn heads. Another subtle change includes the Italian tricolour near the sidepods.

Sharply dressed in blazers emblazoned with the iconic prancing horse logo, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel had positive things to say about the car. Team principal Mattia Binotto looked content and was optimistic for 2020. The primary goal at Scuderia Ferrari remains the same – to win the World Championship.

Codenamed Project ‘671’, Ferrari was first to announce the launch date for their car. Now, 2 months later we finally witnessed the christening of the Scuderia’s 2020 challenger- aptly named SF1000. This is because Ferrari will be celebrating its 1000 race in Formula one in 2020.

The SF90 had a rocky start to 2019 but slowly managed to become the best car on the grid for a brief duration.

Ferrari’s SF90 struggled with medium and slow speed corners and the car’s frailty was exposed at the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, the Scuderia was able to fix most of these issues in the summer break and bounced back with 3 consecutive victories on completely different tracks. This sadly was too little too late, but Ferrari can rely on their engineers to product significant upgrades.

Maranello hopeful for 2020

Ferrari has claimed to iron out the issues that persisted in last year’s car. This, of course, is impossible to verify at this point in time, but winter testing should provide a clearer picture.

Binotto also highlighted Ferrari completing 1000 races in 2020  and claimed Ferrari would always be a part of F1.

However, things haven’t been all smooth sailing leading to the car launch. Reports suggested early testing of the SF1000 left engineers unimpressed. Allegedly, results from the wind tunnel were unremarkable and were the cause of concern among the engineers and car designers.

Nevertheless, newer reports emerged which stated that Ferrari was able to successfully isolate and fix issues that remained in the SF1000.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has words of praise for Binotto. Camilleri praised Binotto for instilling a team spirit and providing the right leadership. Additionally, Camilleri also complimented Leclerc and Vettel – commending their loyalty towards the team.

One of the biggest plus points of the SF90 was its raw pace. The car was Blisteringly fast and annihilated the competition on high-speed tracks. This DNA will be carried over to the SF1000, but with a marginal decrease in power output.

With  Louis Camilleri revealing that the team are doubling down on funds in 2020, Ferrari will have to perform this year. Making a strong start to the season will be essential for the Italian team’s F1 campaign.

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