“Is He Too Close to Charles?”- Former F1 Driver Puzzled by Ferrari Not Choosing Daniel Ricciardo

June 17, 2020 7:33 pm

Ferrari’s move of getting in Carlos Sainz as their 2021 replacement came as a bombshell to F1 this year. This massive announcement came on the 14th of last month. It initially shocked the motorsport community. Especially, considering that Ferrari had replaced a 4-time world champion with a driver who had only 1 podium finish to his name.

It also stirred up a debate as to how Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo couldn’t make a switch to the team. Lately, several F1 veterans have started to analyze the same. For instance, former Red Bull driver Mark Webber, who addressed it on the F1 Nation Podcast.

Webber on Ricciardo’s failed transition to Ferrari

“It’s been twice that the Maranello opportunity was there. Why couldn’t he agree terms with Maranello, were they motivated? I know he’s close to Charles, is he too close to Charles? I have no idea, is that something they would have considered? But ultimately, twice, between the pair of them they haven’t been able to sort out their relationship. So then that leaves him with a move because obviously the Renault marriage has been challenging for him.”

Webber spoke about why he felt the two couldn’t come to terms with each other. He said Ferrari had totally different ideas in mind. What they needed at the moment was a young driver who hadn’t yet peaked in his career. Subsequently, one who could possibly harness a good synergy with Charles Leclerc.

Regardless, he still saw a huge potential for Ricciardo at McLaren, his next confirmed move. He added, “So with the Mercedes engine, I think the independent teams, especially McLaren, are going to do pretty well out of this new stuff going forward. I think it’s all upside for them. I don’t see any downside for McLaren if they can get through this tough time.”

So what does this mean for Ricciardo? What should one expect from him in 2020? Well, it certainly looks like he’s geared up for his final season with Renault. In the team’s latest tweet, it says that he completed 115 laps, in the R.S 18 car at the Red Bull Ring. From which it can be concluded that he is all set for his “last dance” for the French Team.

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