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Is Kelly Piquet Pregnant With Max Verstappen’s Child?

Published 09/24/2022, 4:59 AM EDT

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Thanks to the new age of social media and the massive platform all F1 drivers have, the fans are aware of all their activities. Therefore, any relationship or major events in those relationships find their way into the public eye. Similarly, the relationship between Max Verstappen and the daughter and sister of former F1 drivers Kelly Piquet is old news.

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However, the couple dropped a big bombshell through Kelly Piquet’s Instagram story recently. The headliner event shared on Piquet’s story was her pregnancy announcement. However, the story which read, “I tested positive but not for covid, (pregnant woman emoji) thanks for all your best wishes,” was quickly removed. So will there be a new Verstappen in the world soon?


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For now, no.

Puzzled with the removal of the announcement, fans took to social media to share screenshots of the story. Although, no matter how shocking, some fans kept their cool and went through the screenshots with their magnifying glass.

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These particular fans pointed out the flaw in the screenshots. Apparently, the font in the screenshots displaying the time did not match Instagram’s font. The incorrect font gave took away the story’s authenticity, which quickly caught on as most things on social media do.

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The fake pregnancy announcement story quickly gathered heat, and soon everyone was up to speed about the story’s authenticity. Fans took to Twitter as well to share their reactions to the fake pregnancy announcement.

The Max Verstappen orange army quickly debunked the pregnancy announcement

Twitter is quick at supplying news of any and all kinds. So before the fans debunked the pregnancy announcement, there were some who bought it.

However, once the news of the story being fake came out, fans started sharing their reactions to the fake news and spreading the word.


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There’s still a lot of confusion among the fans about the pregnancy rumors despite fans pointing out the flaws in the screenshot. Fake or not, either way, there is plenty of buzz around the news. It’ll be interesting to see how Verstappen or Piquet respond if the news reaches their ears.

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