“It is Shocking Really”- Sebastian Vettel Explains His Special Helmet for the Turkish GP

November 17, 2020 7:30 pm

Sebastian Vettel has forever been a sweetheart. Beginning with his early days with Red Bull to his tormenting year with Ferrari, the German always displayed absolute class. Well, Turkey was kind to him last Sunday as it was well over a decade ago.

Sebastian Vettel had a wonderful race on Sunday. While many leaders spun around the wet tarmac of Istanbul Park, Vettel glided through. Although he has been spinning on dry circuits this year, he kept steady in Turkey.

Besides his magnificent race on Sunday, the only element stealing some limelight from Lewis was Vettel’s helmet. We have witnessed artistic graffiti on helmets before. However, Seb’s helmet for Turkey sported a soulful message.

With all the hub-bub about his headgear, Sky Sports caught Sebastian explaining the story behind the helmet himself. The message that Sebastian spoke of is as divine as seeing the F1 legend stand on the podium again.

The rainbow that runs over the top stands for a lot of things. The color scheme goes from white to black. We have also a couple of people around the bottom of the helmet, which is showing that we are all one, but we are all different,explained Vettel.

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Sebastian Vettel believes in actions behind the camera

Lewis Hamilton is not the only racer who is aware of the world around him. Sebastian Vettel has also seen a lot around the world in his years in the F1 circus. He spoke out of concern, urging the world to change.

More importantly than having a special helmet designed or saying something nice to you in front of the camera, I think it’s what you stand for when the camera is off.

“But I think we do have a unique chance here because we are in the spotlight,” echoed Vettel’s words far and wide.

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – November 13, 2020 Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel during practice FIA/Handout via REUTERS

Sebastian Vettel is having the worst season of his career. Though the Turkish Grand Prix does ice his wounds a bit, he still bleeds from this year. Despite that, his message to the world shows the world that the legend mettle still lives within him.

It is shocking really that we still need to keep this sort of message out because it should be completely normal. But in some parts of the world for some people, it’s not yet,” concluded Vettel.

It is shocking indeed. Sebastian Vettel appealed to those who still don’t believe his message. He appealed to all those who thought otherwise. The words, ‘Together as one’ are as noble as they sounds. All the champ asks of us is to believe in it? Is it that hard?

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