LISTEN: Daniil Kvyat Doesn’t Say a Word After Learning of Pierre Gasly’s Monza Win

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On Sunday, Pierre Gasly stunned everyone when he clinched an unexpected victory at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Meanwhile, his teammate, Daniil Kvyat, could only muster 9th fastest. When the AlphaTauri team informed Kvyat of the results, they were met with dead silence.

Truthfully, that response can be interpreted in several ways. Some may assume that he is upset with his own lowly position, while his teammate won the race. Others may suggest that he was simply in disbelief, given the topsy-turvy nature of the race.

Whatever the case, he was still happy for the Frenchman, because he went and congratulated him in parc ferme. It is worth noting that both Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly make up the ‘Red Bull Rejects’ club. This is because both drivers were bumped off of their Red Bull seats midway through the season.

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How did Daniil Kvyat perform compared to Gasly?

Truthfully, Daniil Kvyat was just as quick as Gasly, however, the circumstances happened to work in the Frenchman’s favour. In addition to that, he did not really have the winning strategy that his partner had. The Safety Car’s appearance also seemed to hinder him a little, and 9th was the best he could muster up.

He wrote on Twitter, “Everything that could have gone wrong with the strategy, unfortunately did. But at least it was the opposite for Pierre. I’m disappointed not to have had the same opportunity but I’m satisfied with my race. I’m honest with myself & I think I drove a good race.

Hopefully, the Russian driver can keep his chin up and look ahead to this weekend’s race in Mugello. The AlphaTauri duo have been quite impressive and competitive this season So there was a chance that a shock win was a long time coming.

There must also be something about the Monza circuit that AlphaTauri really loves. This is because their only other win came at Monza, at the hands of a certain Sebastian Vettel.

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