Mercedes F1 Hilariously Trolls Sebastian Vettel Following Ferrari Fiasco at Monza

September 6, 2020 10:39 am

Earlier this week, the Mercedes team confessed that they were admirers of Sebastian Vettel. Recently, they were at it once again, but this time they revealed that the German driver is also a Mercedes fan. This is actually a play on a statement that Vettel made at the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix.

At that time, the German driver quipped that everybody was a Ferrari fan, even if they denied it. Last weekend during the Belgian Grand Prix, the Mercedes team tweeted a video of Valtteri Bottas locking up his brakes at the La Source hairpin.

When he rounded the bend, his Mercedes W11 had a snap of oversteer, though he managed to catch it. The team tweeted about the little hiccup and tweaked one of Vettel’s most famous dialogues.

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Poor old Sebastian Vettel will be wishing that he was in that Mercedes

After quoting Vettel’s ‘racing or ping pong’ radio message, a fan asked Mercedes if they were Vettel fans. The German outfit confirmed that they were indeed huge supporters of the German.

In the recent Italian Grand Prix qualifying session, Mercedes posted a picture of Sebastian Vettel watching their car on the track. From this, they concluded that Vettel was a Mercedes fan.

Sadly, poor old Vettel did not enjoy such a good qualifying session, ending up in a lowly 17th place. Teammate Charles Leclerc did not fare any better, only managing to secure 13th place. Meanwhile, the Mercedes duo romped up to another front-row lockout, with Carlos Sainz in 3rd place.

While Saturday may have been dismal for Scuderia Ferrari, they will be eager for redemption in Sunday’s race. They will also be thanking their lucky stars that there are no fans to watch them on the track.

Knowing how passionate the Italian fans are, they would have been heartbroken to see the Ferrari duo struggling.

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