Monza Heartbreak “Not Fair”- Sebastian Vettel Says “Expectations Very Low” for Mugello F1 Race

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Ferrari had another streak of a bad run at the Italian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel suffered a high-speed brake failure early in the race. His teammate Charles Leclerc was the only representative in the race, but not for long. He was involved in a horrific accident that ousted the final Prancing Stallion from the Temple of Speed.

Sebastian Vettel hopes for a smooth Mugello

The circuit in Monza is Ferrari’s backyard. Suffering from a bad start since the opening Grand Prix, expectations were low from Ferrari. However, everyone hoped for a miracle for Ferrari to pull up a respectable race. An early exit and a crash sent Ferrari out of the race in quick succession.

Going to Mugello for Ferrari’s 1000th race, Vettel states that a proper complete race is all that they are looking forward too.

“Tough times are part of life and part of sports but at the moment I think it’s not fair to all the guys that put so much effort in, that we are that bad,” he said.

“But on the other hand it’s a testimony of where we stand and it’s poor obviously where we are, especially here for our home race – I think it’s probably a blessing that there’s nobody in the stands.

“You see where we are. I hope in Mugello we’re in a little bit of a better place but that doesn’t mean we’re fighting for the podium. You need to be realistic. Expectations are very low.

“Hopefully, we have a smooth weekend, a weekend without trouble – that would be a good start, at least on my side, and then we’ll see.”

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Suffering an early exit is heartbreaking for anyone. Vettel starting from P17 looked to improve his position on the grid. However, all his efforts were in vain after the brake failure caused him to retire early.

Obviously if I could choose, then I don’t want to be here [conducting interviews] I want to be in the car on the track right now – and not in the back of the field but in the front, but sometimes you don’t get to choose.”

The scenario at Monza

The race in Monza was one of the greatest races in recent times. It was thrilling, and the action was intact until the very last lap. Lewis Hamilton who has been sweeping Grand Prix wins in a one-sided manner for a few years now was leading when a pit-lane violation penalty forced him down the grid and he finished at P7.

Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri made the most of the opportunity and went on to win his maiden Grand Prix title. Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll followed Gasly to the podium.

Simply put, Monza was the kind of race everyone wants to watch. Although the involvement of any racer in an accident is not favorable and hopefully, the incident won’t be repeated further.

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