What Is Alpine and How Is It Connected to Renault F1?

September 4, 2020 8:44 pm

Renault chief Cyril Abiteboul has to take up two duties from now. Along with the current Formula 1 duties, he will also have to manage the Alpine segment which is owned by the Renault group. Speculations are strong that there could possibly be a renaming of the existing F1 racing team.

“Abiteboul says new Alpine role will be conducted alongside his F1 responsibilities. Naming decision for team isn’t his to make”, the tweet read.

After the rebirth of Alpine in recent years, it has been associated with motorsports with the French company Signatech. The collaboration was successful in securing the championship in 2016 and 2018-19 under the LMP2 category in the Wolrd Endurance Championship.

The relationship between Renault and Alpine

The relationship between Renault and Alpine were strong from the mid-1900s. The two companies collaborated since the early ’60s to strike success as partners. While Alpine provided the car, Renault provided the engine. Soon, Renault pitched in their racing funds to Alpine. The decision was taken owing to Alpine’s success in rallying.

Alpine was always in the manufacture of race cars. Alpine tasted huge success with the win in Coupe des Alpes in 1968. Following this, the team went on to clinch a few more titles.


The 1971 and 1973 edition of the Monte Carlo rally are remarkable events in their glorious history. Finishing first, second and fourth in the Monte Carlo rally Alpine justified its talent. In 1973, the newer model finished first, second, third, and fifth and went on to win the World Rally Championship. Alpine was successful in beating some heavy names such as Porsche, Lancia, and Ford.

Alpine involved themselves in the open-wheel races too. Building cars for Formula 3 and Formula 2, they showed real intent in competing in the highest tier of the racing event.

In 1973, Alpine was bought by Renault after years of partnership. However, two decades later, the production of Alpine was stopped.

Ever since 1977, Renault has been involved in Formula 1 racing. Alpine started off pretty well to pitch themselves in the Formula 1 tracks. However, it was not successful. Although the recent progress with Cyril puts forth a greater position in Alpine to finally be in the Formula 1 tracks.

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