“It’s Better This Way”- Max Verstappen Explains Reason Behind Unfollowing Red Bull on Instagram

October 21, 2020 3:59 pm

Max Verstappen had roused a series of whispers after he stopped following Red Bull and Honda on Instagram. The Japanese company had informed Red Bull of their exit and soon enough later, Max had unfollowed both of them.

Several pundits suggested that Max may be looking to move on to greener pastures. However, the actual reason was entirely different altogether.

Social media has become a necessary evil in our lives, these platforms have us entrapped in their colorful template, and pulling away is a real struggle. Yet, Verstappen’s incident was an effort to not let unnecessary news distract him. Turns out, he wanted to widen his horizon.

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – October 11, 2020 Red Bull team principle Christian Horner speaks to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen after the race Pool via REUTERS/Bryn Lennon

I didn’t feel like reading the Formula 1 news anymore, that’s why. So, I don’t know how people manage to relate things. I think it’s to create some drama or something. This is crazy nonsense,” declared the Dutchman.

Max Verstappen cannot be thinking of quitting F1, not when he is just getting the hang of it. He is getting better by the day and is gradually becoming a real concern for the Silver Arrows. Therefore, it is natural for him to want to avoid nonsense and invest that energy in honing his craft.

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Max Verstappen consciously controls his social media addiction

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that society condemns our efforts to be free of its clutches. However, Max Verstappen does not care what the press has to say about him.

He knows that he has to improve and as F1 news is getting more and more dramatic by the day, it is wise to snub some of it to recalibrate your focus.

Yes, I have notifications on my phone all the time. Marked here, marked there … I really don’t need to know what’s in those videos.

“Rating here, rating there … I’m not in Formula 1 for that. So I thought: do you want know, when I’m on Instagram, I’m going to follow other sports. I’m in the paddock every week anyway, so it’s better this way,” expressed Verstappen.

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – October 10, 2020 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen during a press conference after qualifying FIA/Handout via REUTERSrsta

Max Verstappen says he has control over himself in matters of social media. Therefore, deleting the accounts is not in his books right now.

I can choose not to open it, if I want to, so it’s not that difficult. But at one point, there was so much drama that I thought, ‘Well, let’s go them again ‘and then we’re not going to look at Instagram and all that stuff, okay too,” concluded the Dutchman.

It is about time that the F1 press stops posting bogus news. The entire phenomenon of speculative conclusions rouses confusion all over the grid and causes unnecessary disturbances.

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