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If you ask a child to memorize a poem, he might not do it right away, however, if the poetry is illustrated to the child, the words might stay on his lips forever. In order for people all over the world to develop a taste for motorsports, Netflix did precisely this. However, before the US company (Liberty Media) made a collaboration with a $185 billion company and planned to launch its acts & boom the F1 market in America. The F1 circus was previously run by F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone, whose contribution to the sport cannot be understated. Nevertheless, in an effort to put his viewpoint into perspective, the outspoken team principal of Red Bull Christian Horner has now rubbed salt in the wounds of the former F1 honcho.

In the 1970s, Bernie Ecclestone managed Formula 1, and it’s easy to argue that he changed the course of sports to some extent. However, his traditional methods have caused the sport to grow slowly, and some innovation was required to make Formula 1  a global phenomenon. And it wasn’t until things began to change that he turned over control of the sport to the American organization.

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Drive to Survive caused individuals in the household to begin recalling the names of the Formula 1 drivers. The former F1 CEO, whose narrow-minded beliefs prevented him from bringing the sport to the US market as he thought that the broadcaster had solely business interests in mind, has only furthered his grievances in light of the show’s enormous popularity.


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It was clear that the former F1 CEO chose the wrong side as soon as the docuseries reached ordinary people and Netflix was able to make F1 surge in America. Though, Horner has now made matters worse for the F1 honcho as he added salt to Ecclestone’s wounds, In a recent podcast episode of Unlapped: An ESPN F1 show, Horner said, “Bernie [Ecclestone] would have never dreamt of doing Netflix because you know he would have And the money involved with nowhere near what he would have expected.”

While continuing to hail Netflix’s role Horner added, “But you know when you look, what Netflix has done for the sport is it has transformed the sport, It has taken it into the household so that it would have never been previously as being a niche sport is now made drivers and something principles household names and you know it’s engaged America we now have three US races you know the biggest market in the world and now we’re now flourishing it.”

It’s certain that Formula 1 has flourished in America and as a result, the F1 community will be bringing a highly anticipated additional race at the US circuit of which not only the paddock but also the teams are awaiting for. Carrying on with that Horner opened up on his expectations of the grand event.

Christian Horner describes his weekend’s expectations in Las Vegas

With the debut of the Miami Grand Prix last year, Formula 1 experienced what it’s like to be a treasured event, and more recently, with the US Grand Prix, the love and passion the American audience has shown to the teams have made the F1 community overwhelmed. And now, when asked what Christian Horner anticipated for the highly anticipated Saturday night at the track in Sin City, team boss of the current dominating side Christian Horner responded ravishingly.


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He said, “That race is gonna be insane. I’ve never known so much hype around a sporting event as a race. On Saturday night down the Strip in Las Vegas, everybody I meet says, oh I wanna be in Vegas. That weekend will be insane. And look I think it’s the whole world’s gonna be watching and hopefully, we can put on put on a great show hopefully the track will deliver you know a great race.”

Later by elaborating on how the race might bring a unique flavor Horner added, ” Yeah, I mean to be racing there under the lights is gonna be unique.”


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