Jos Reveals How Max Verstappen Dodged a Bullet Before Coronavirus

By 6 months ago

Earlier this year, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc penned new contract extensions with their respective teams. Considering how the world has descended into major chaos, the duo got incredibly lucky. Their futures are now sorted before the pandemic brought everything to a standstill, and now their competitors have a massive headache.

Verstappen’s father, Jos was even glad that the Red Bull star blinked first. He said, “If you have to negotiate a new contract in this situation, it will be a distraction,” Jos Verstappen refers to the corona crisis and all the uncertainty that comes with it”.

Verstappen feels comfortable with Red Bull and advisor Helmut Marko, who ‘discovered’ him in Formula 3 in 2014. Verstappen senior continued, “We are very happy at Red Bull and I really think we are closer this year than last season. But it remains to be seen. We were very positive and we still are. People often forget that Max regularly had to take more risks, because he was in a slower car than, for example, Hamilton. Max always drives at the sharpest edge. People want to see that too. Vettel and Hamilton get a bit nervous when he drives behind them. Nice is it not?”

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Max Verstappen is looking forward to the season finally commencing

Obviously, everybody is bored since there is no racing action. The fans have also not seen the cars race since early December 2019, so they have gone nearly five months without their racing fix. The good news is that F1 has tentatively set July 5th as the day that the 2020 season finally kicks off.

Fortunately for Verstappen and Red Bull, the season opener is the Austrian Grand Prix, their own turf. If Max Verstappen can take a hat-trick of wins in Austria, he has the psychological advantage over Lewis Hamilton. It will also help if Red Bull can deal a killing blow to Mercedes in the final year with the old regulations.

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