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Kimi Raikkonen’s Iconic ‘Crying’ Fan Is Now Into Karting, Sporting Finn’s #7

Published 09/07/2021, 9:04 AM EDT

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During his Ferrari days, Kimi Raikkonen was widely loved throughout the paddock. However, one fan stood out from the rest of the crowd. Thomas Daniel was in tears at the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix, as his idol didn’t cross the line.

He later got a chance to meet the Iceman and got a signed Ferrari hat. Now in 2021, the young fan has been inspired by the Finn and has taken up the number seven as he begins his karting career.

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Kimi Raikkonen inspires a young fan to take up his racing number


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In all sports, young kids dream of replicating their idols. So it is no surprise to see the young Raikkonen supporter take up the number seven as he begins his karting journey.

He was watching his favorite driver zip around Spain back in 2017. However, the young Ferrari fan also endured a heartbreak. He saw Raikkonen retire from the race.


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Seeing his love for the Iceman, Ferrari invited him and his family to their hospitality. What made things even more exciting was when he got to meet and take a photograph with Raikkonen.

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Not the first time a Ferrari driver has made a young fan’s day


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Back in 2016 at Hungarian Grand Prix, the then Ferrari driver was greeted by a young fan in the paddock. However, instead of asking for a photograph or an autograph. He gave the 4-times world champion a drawing.

The German driver was over the moon with gestures and stuck the drawing in the team garage for all to see. Sebastian was slightly more happy as the drawing depicted him winning the race, and standing on the podium, but also happy to see his then-teammate, Raikkonen beside him on the podium.


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Both Kimi and Sebastian have been an inspiration to millions of kids around the world. So it is no surprise they aspire to be them when they begin their karting career and hope to reach the Formula One grid.


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