“Kimi Raikkonen Used to Give Me the Cold Shoulder” – Daniel Ricciardo

By 3 months ago

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo is regarded as one of the most likeable and easy-going F1 drivers. However, he also has moments where he does not get along with people.In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, he opened up on a moment where a rival disrespected him.

During his early F1 days, he revealed that 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen allegedly direspected him. He told Esquire, “I remember Kimi [Raikkonen] used to give me the cold shoulder and I took that personally. I would make a mental note of it, and on-track if I was ever feeling generous it was never going to be towards him.”

However, Daniel Ricciardo is aware that rivalries and racing incidents comes with the territory of being an F1 driver. The Australian noted that each driver’s ego dictates that they are better than their opponent.

He admitted that when he is on the grid, he has a tendency to act friendly with people. However, he confessed that he gets mad if no one reciprocates his friendliness. The 30-year old also admitted that he often takes such snubs personally.

How is the relationship between Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen now?

Since this incident occured in Ricciardo’s early F1 days, the two have patched up. A possible explanation for Raikkonen’s behaviour is that Ricciardo was still young and inexperienced and the veteran Finn did not want to interact much. However, it does not excuse him from simply blowing off Daniel Ricciardo who was just trying to be friendly.

Both drivers are now preparing for the 2020 Formula One season with Alfa Romeo and Renault respectively. The two will be eager to drag their teams up the order in the midfield battle. Renault are targetting McLaren, while Alfa Romeo will be aiming to stay as far away from the bottom of the ladder as possible.

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