Lando Norris Receives Newfound Admiration From Girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira With Recent Experience

Published 05/20/2022, 6:14 AM EDT

Lando Norris has been in incredible form with his team McLaren ever since he joined them in 2019. The British driver has intelligibly become famous, attracting attention for himself and his close ones.

Lando a few months ago announced his relationship with Fashion Model Luisinha Barosa Oliveira. The couple has now become sought after for pictures and fan updates.


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Norris recently attended Brother Oliver’s wedding alongside Oliveira. They have both posted pictures of the same as a treat to fans. Arguably, Norris-Oliveira makes for an exciting pairing, as often seen on several team Papaya fan accounts. In addition to that, we recently saw Oliveira making her try in a Winfield racing car.

Norris’s partner Luisinha Oliveira gets a racing experience of her own

We spotted Luisinha and friends in France as tagged on their Instagram stories. They’ve reportedly partnered with a French clothing Brand called “Suspicious Antwerp”. Tagging them also on several stories, the model dressed up in a white and gray racing suit.

After a ride, she wrote, “WHAT A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. It was crazy and I was not even driving!! Thinking I couldn’t admire you even more @landonorris”


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Winfield racing services are based in France and provide a two-seater experience. Understandably, the model got a tour of the legendary Circuit Paul Ricard with them. The clothing brand Suspicious Antwerp was reportedly on a “French Riviera trip” as they chose to go for this experience.


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Why did Oliveira appreciate Lando Norris even more after her near F1 experience?

As many know, driving an F1 car or even sitting in one is not easy. A driver is attacked by G-forces. Cautiously, F1 drivers go through years of consistent training that helps them fight off these forces. Beyond a doubt, driving a motorsport vehicle is not an easy feat and requires tenacious training.


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Lando, like several others, started his career with karting. The young Briton, after years of hard work, made it to F1, and continues with perseverance as reflected in his performances. The 22-year-old was even on the podium at Imola after a sensational drive. So, what do you expect from the young gun in the future?



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