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Lando Norris‘ first win was long-awaited and he finally achieved it after being on the lower steps of the podium 15 times. Many believed that he was cursed to not win a Grand Prix considering that he had the record for the most podiums without a win. This led to him earning the nickname “Lando NoWins” which is a wordplay on his last name. But all that’s over now.

The name Lando NoWins was a joke that stuck around for too long but the Briton did not mind knowing that his day would soon come. And it finally came during the 33rd lap of the Miami Grand Prix. To celebrate his achievement, he has dropped a new collection of merch that is a reply to the ‘NoWins’ joke.

Lando Norris’ NoWins Jackets for sale


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Lando Norris won the Miami Grand Prix and now he can proudly say that he is a race winner. Despite it being a long journey of 115 starts without him winning a race, he was ready for Miami, and this time he had already announced that he would win races. When he finally won, it was time to shut down the NoWins name once set for all.

After the Miami race, Lando Norris updated his merch store on his website with new Hoodies for sale. The hoodies are put up for the price of $90 a piece and for that, you will get a full black hoodie with a hidden message under its hood. The McLaren driver breaks the NoWins joke by striking out the ‘No’ changing the narrative to ‘Lando Wins’.

On the front, fans can see a message saying, “We did it” and below that he mentioned the race of his maiden victory. Under that, he signed the hoodie delivering a simple but stylish piece of clothing. Fans can buy the hoodie from his website as a part of his ‘We Did It’ collection.

While some fans playfully called him NoWins, others took it too far. It was important for him to overcome this hurdle, which he did. Now that he had won his race, this was his answer to the NoWins era, and he had a little something to tell the non-believers.


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Lando Norris’ message for Trolls

The Briton has always read all the comments on his posts online and understood that many really believed that he could not win a race. To this, he gave a strong answer after the Miami Grand Prix. He has millions of supporters but not all come with good intentions. There has been a surge of people trying to pull him down on social media and this is something that pushes him to do better.

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Following the Miami Grand Prix, Norris stated, “I go on Instagram and I like all the comments of people abusing me. I freaking love it. Makes me smile more than anything. Especially ‘Lando Nowins’. Like that’s become the thing. And yes, for me to finallprove those people wrong and prove the people that didn’t think I could go out and do it. It’s been even bigger smile on my face today. So I thank all of them.” 


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Norris is not letting anyone bring him down. This was just his first victory and he might have many more coming in the future. He has always believed in McLaren and the team has in him. That being said, do you think that Norris will make NoWins, Mo[re]Wins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.