Last Battle of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna Took Outside an F1 Track: Here’s What Happened

April 11, 2020 2:13 am

The primary version of Masters Elf occurred on 18 and 19 December 1993. Two races were held each night, a hand-off of three drivers (a Formula 1 driver, one from another motorsport and a youthful kart driver) and stroke representing the CIK Championship. This weekend was set apart by the last duel on the track between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna throughout the weekend.

Alain Prost retired from F1 for the last time in 1993, with his last race coming at the Australian Grand Prix in November. He completed second in the race to his furious opponent Ayrton Senna. Yet, helpfully won the World Championship to the next in line Senna. However, both of them hustled for one last time in December of that year, driving go-karts.

Typically, the pair paid attention to it extremely: four-time world champion Prost having tried widely before the occasion; Senna, a three-time titleholder, having a kart sent to Brazil with the goal that he could rehearse.

Race day for Ayrton Senna

Something different stood out during the indoor race: Senna’s racing overalls. The Brazilian was leaving McLaren, the group for which he’d won three titles. Since his agreement was legitimate until December 31st, the driver couldn’t wear a suit with William’s colors and sponsors, the group he would drive for in 1994. With his closet decisions constrained by the lawful issue, Senna wore a white suit, highlighting just his own backers, when driving the #2 kart.

The Battle saw Senna going past Prost and challenge De Cesaris for the lead. Later, he had to retire with mechanical issues. Prost figured out how to pass De Cesaris and win the race. Senna later gave a couple of Karting Tips.

You have to drive sideways because go-karts are small, short-wheelbased and very quick to react. You are always sideways at some stage of the corner so that you can position yourself better to get a feel for the grip. In that respect, it’s very different from a racing car.

“In a racing car, if you try to lean on it you just slide and go off. A kart, you have to be hard and aggressive, but also precise. You use your body a little bit and normally your back suffers from the seat. Especially if you haven’t been in one for some time,” added the Brazilian legend.

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