Legendary F1 Track Ready to Host Race for Free Despite Country in Terrible Mess Due to Coronavirus

April 22, 2020 11:47 pm

Imola president Uberto Selvatico Estense says that the circuit is eager to have a behind closed doors F1 race. If conditions in Italy improve in the coming months.

In Austria, there’s a discussion about a twofold race on the Red Bull Ring toward the start of July. Indeed, even in Italy, some are now considering racing.

The Chinese GP was delayed in February. The circuit moved toward Automobile Club of Italy president to act as a substitution.

That offer got invalid after Italy was badly hit by COVID-19, and the nation went into lockdown.

In any case, the F1 association presently looking for dates for races without fans. Selvatico Estense says that he would offer Imola for free later in the year if the administration rules permit it.

A ghost occasion would be much simpler to sort out than a race with the general population. It would likewise address the money related angle and the typical prerequisite to offer passes to pay for a facilitating expense.

The circuit, where a Grand Prix was held once and for all in 2006, has been remade as of late and says to be prepared to sort out an F1 race.

Imola to host the F1 race?

Presently that the circumstance in Italy have leveled out to some degree. He has again approached Formula 1for a free of cost race. His thought is to fill the F1 schedule with European races, so the game doesn’t need to travel a lot and still has a full title.

“This situation gives us the opportunity to apply for a Grand Prix this season”, says the director to Autosport.com“We will, of course, make our circuit available free of charge. We can ask the region for help, but we are not in a position to pay entry fees”.

To lessen costs, Estense proposes to sort out the race one week after the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. This is as of now booked for 6 September. In any case, it is likewise open for a date in October or November.

Selvatico Estense has not yet addressed the F1 association, as the convention is to go by means of the ACI.

The Belgian GP right now has the August 30 space, however, occasions have been prohibited in the nation until September 1.

A later date could likewise work as far as climate, which could be helpful if F1 experiences difficulty making sure about the flyaway races that are gotten ready for mid-September onwards.

“Maybe it could be easier to organize a back-to-back race with Monza, in order to save money or save time for the teams.

“But last year we even had nice weather in October, and also the first half of November. So we’re not scared about the weather.

“I think people would like to go back to Imola. It’s a dream for us, but we’re still dreaming!”

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