“Lewis Hamilton Deserves to Overtake Michael Schumacher” – Ross Brawn

February 6, 2020 4:41 pm

In the 2020 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton could equal Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles. In light of that, F1 sporting director Ross Brawn spoke about both drivers, who were under him at Mercedes. He noted that although the two were exceptional, their skills were different as they hailed from different racing eras.

Lewis Hamilton has six world championship under his belt, and has steered Mercedes to glory on several occasions. So it would not be surprising that he commences the new season as the strong favourite.

Brawn has known both drivers extremely well, having worked as the technical director at Benetton alongside Schumacher. The two then moved to Ferrari, where they met with even more success. Later on, after winning the 2009 championship with Brawn, he became principal of Mercedes in 2010 and convinced Hamilton to join the team.

“They are both massively talented in what they do in the car and those moments where they pull something out of nowhere,” he told the media. “Some of the qualifying laps Lewis has done have left the team speechless. Michael was the same, there are sometimes just those drivers who can do that.”

“Lewis has deserved it, he has deserved every championship he has won. He has got himself at the right team at the right time and he is at peak performance. He doesn’t make mistakes and is a fantastic driver, his performance is exceptional.”

Ross Brawn

What did Brawn say about Lewis Hamilton?

According to Brawn, Lewis Hamilton has earned his titles on the basis of merit and deserved commendation. Although 2020 will be Hamilton’s 14th season in F1, the British driver’s motivation is as high as ever.

However, Ross Brawn abstained from directly comparing the two drivers. He cited differences in cars, eras and the competition. The F1 sporting director observed that the 6-time world champion has a professional air, is dedicated and committed.

On the other end of the spectrum, Michael Schumacher had a penchant for detail towards the car. In this way, he helped develop the car in tandem with the team.

Brawn admitted that Michael Schumacher raced in an era where there was no reliance on technology. It is also noteworthy that Brawn was at the forefront when framing the new 2021 regulations. This included technical changes and the introduction of a budget cap. He truly believes that Formula One needs to evolve and the changes have to promote closer racing.

Dhruv George

Dhruv George is an author for the Formula One and NASCAR division of EssentiallySports. He is a life-long F1 and MotoGP fan, developing a liking for McLaren and Carlos Sainz Jr, and recently began to follow NASCAR. He graduated from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, with a PG Diploma in Journalism and now lives in Trivandrum.

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