“Lewis Hamilton Has His Own Weaknesses, But is Unchallenged”: Fernando Alonso Unimpressed With the Competition

Over the last couple of seasons, Lewis Hamilton has been utterly dominant in Formula One. According to former teammate and rival, Fernando Alonso, the British driver has “raised his level”. However, the Spaniard claims that in spite of the dominance, Hamilton is not invincible and does have some weaknesses.

The F1 double world champion may have left F1 at the end of 2018, but he is contemplating a return in 2021. The 38-year old even confessed that it would be “nice” to test Hamilton.

When he spoke to F1 Racing magazine, Alonso noted  that Hamilton has improved a lot. The former McLaren observed that his former teammate is more competitive than before. However, he insisted that none of Hamilton’s rivals have discovered his Achilles heel.

Alonso even pinpointed the moment when the gulf between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas was clear. According to him, it was when the W10 was not so competitive. This is why Alonso believes that Lewis Hamilton has not faced a situation where he is under extreme pressure.

What does Fernando Alonso say about Lewis Hamilton?

“He’s raised the level the last couple of years, especially in 2019 when the car has not been as dominant as other seasons,” Alonso mused. “If he cannot win, he’s a very close second – not 20 seconds further back, which is what happens a little bit with Valtteri.

As per Alonso’s analysis, Lewis Hamilton always starts the year slowly, but nobody is able to capitalise. The 2005-2006 world champion wished that he could  compete against Hamilton in an equal fight.

As a parting note, Alonso spoke about two vastly different situations in Formula One. First and foremost, when a driver is leading the championship, everything seems calm. This is especially when they have a good package and their rivals encounter misfortunes.

On the other hand, when said driver is trailing, everything is different, as there is a lot more pressure.”If you are only one point behind or 10 points behind, the stress is different. Lewis Hamilton has arguable never been in the latter situation

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Dhruv George