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Lewis Hamilton Makes Unlikely Friend On F1 Paddock: “I’m Very Happy”

Published 09/19/2022, 12:26 PM EDT

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Lewis Hamilton has had a long career in F1. Starting out as an exciting talent for McLaren in 2007, he has shattered records and inked his name in the history books numerous times.

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His long and illustrious career and wide-ranging experience make him one of the best people to consult when it comes to F1. As Mohammed bin Sulayem takes over the helms of the FIA, he has a monumental task in front of him.


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The growth F1 has witnessed during the reign of his predecessor is massive. The sport has grown to become a global phenomenon. To recreate that, and to even take it up a notch, will take some serious work.

Ben Sulayem, a former rally car driver, has experience on the track and off the track as well. He has been part of the FIA in various capacities starting in 2008. He has begun to invest time and effort in understanding the way forward for F1 and its growth across the globe.

Hamilton has been appreciative of the work done by Ben Sulayem since he has taken up his current role. He saysI am in contact with him very often. We even talk to each other quite a bit. And he’s very, very ambitious. He used to race himself, so he has a racer’s attitude too.” [translated using Google translate]

Lewis agrees “It’s not an easy task for anyone, I think it takes time to settle into a role and build all the relationships and also implement changes. The drivers would play an important role in this.

At the same time, he speaks glowingly of the Emirati as he says “He wants to work with all of us and also advocate for more diversity and change. So I’m very happy.

There aren’t many more on the F1 circuit currently who could give a more credible recommendation. But the task ahead still remains gigantic.

What did the previous boss have to say about the Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen fiasco at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Jean Todt, the man replaced by Ben Sulayem, was a decorated executive as well. Having headed Peugeot Talbot and Ferrari teams, before taking on his role at the FIA, he had loads of experience to help him.

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However, his long career as the head of the FIA ended quite controversially. His final season ended with the infamous Abu Dhabi GP. His views on the result were “But this youngster [Verstappen] did an amazing job, and that’s what we should be focusing on rather than ‘Are we going to punish Hamilton for not coming [to the FIA Awards]?”


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“It’s human to focus on the last lap, and it’s true that he [Verstappen] was very lucky, but was he lucky at Silverstone? In Azerbaijan? In Budapest? I think we should let it go. We have to rise above it,” Todt said.

He added, “Honestly, I’m glad I’m leaving because things like this are a reason not to stay. That’s 70 percent of it, the other 30 percent is for the safety which is why drivers like Romain Grosjean are still alive today.


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Hamilton and Todt did have run-ins during their time together, however, things are cordial. F1 witnessed a supernormal period of growth under Todt, and Ben Sulayem would be hoping to build on it. He has the chance to give F1 a much bigger stage.



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