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Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Being a Luminary to Prisoners in Bahrain

Published 03/19/2022, 5:23 AM EDT

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Formula 1 is in Bahrain for its opening race this weekend. The Bahrain International Circuit to host the race after three days of pre-testing last week. However, F1 star Lewis Hamilton isn’t happy with what’s happening in the country. The Mercedes man opened up on the alleged human rights abuse in the country. Inmates from Bahrain wrote letters to the driver and have asked him to intervene in rights issues in the middle-east country.



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The seven-times world champion conveyed on this, “I haven’t seen the drawing but each year I receive letters from those that are suffering and all I can do is try my hardest to empathize with those who face these challenges and have these tragic stories to tell. The weight of change really needs to come and be put on the governments and those in power…”

However, the authority in Bahrain responded to this by stating, “Bahrain has a zero-tolerance policy towards mistreatment of any kind and has put in place a robust system to investigate complaints. Allegations of mistreatment are fully investigated, and public reports are issued with recommendations based on the findings.”


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The other side of Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has been immensely involved in humanitarian movements for a long time now. Not just in the case of Bahrain, the Briton has been actively involved in the protest against the global human rights abuse. The most recent was the letter he received from an inmate in Bahrain.

Apart from this, Lewis has voiced his concern against the Saudi Arabian government last year as well. He, in fact, said that he doesn’t feel comfortable competing in the Middle-eastern country for its infamous record with human rights.


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Moreover, the 37-year-old has been a prolific figure on the Black Lives Matter movement which shook the entire world. The man’s off-track record is as impressive as his on-track performances. All in all, Lewis, from time to time, has inspired his fans to improve the world that we live in.



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