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Lewis Hamilton Receives Heartwarming Letter From Inmate in Bahrain

Published 03/16/2022, 10:45 AM EDT

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Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton has proved to be an inspiration for the inmates in Bahrain. The country is set to host F1’s first race this season on Sunday, March 20. Lewis, who has been an active human rights advocate for years, has inspired hundreds of people worldwide.

F1 is in Bahrain for the pre-season testing and first race of the year. A country that is infamous for its human rights violation according to international human rights organizations. An inmate in Bahrain named Ali Alhajee wrote to Hamilton to describe how he continued to inspire others.


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Alhajee explained in his letter, “To us, you are our champ, not only the best in driving but also a human being who cares about the suffering of others. To reflect our support to you, a new phenomenon spread in the prison. Inmates began to write or draw ‘Sir 44’ or ‘Lewis 44’ on their clothes, which we would wear in support while watching the race.”

The prisoners view you not only as a world sports champion but as someone who is defending their human rights. I, along with my other cellmates, wish you the very best in your race in Bahrain. Please remember that you have supporters in the prison who will follow and cheer you on for all of your races.”, the inmate further asserted.

Lewis Hamilton has always spoken about human rights


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Lewis has always been an outgoing and outspoken person. Hamilton has always talked in favor of human rights all over the world. He even asked the F1 governing body to have checks on human rights in the countries they go to race for. His recent concern regarding Saudi Arabia is a prime example.

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The former McLaren man is also famous for his stand on Black Lives Matter. Hamilton was one of the key personalities to come out in favor of the movement against the George Floyd incident. Apart from this, Lewis holds the knighthood given by the British government for his overall contribution to society.


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An F1 royalty already, the man from Britain continues to inspire others. Arguably the most famous personality in the sport and one of the best drivers ever in F1 is 37 years old now. As he goes on to start his 16th season in the sport in some day’s time, fans want the man to continue inspiring like this, as always.



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