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Lewis Hamilton Retirement Could Trigger Whack F1 Silly Season With Lando Norris in a Ferrari Seat

Published 01/24/2023, 12:30 PM EST

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Everything in F1 is super fragile. Two such examples we witnessed last year were the drivers’ silly season and the team principals’ silly season. Another such season could be coming our way again, and this time it will not be triggered by any rookie, but by the veteran of the sport, Lewis Hamilton. And if it does get triggered, well, we may see some outrageous changes on the grid.

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According to the former Ferrari team and sponsorship manager Peter Windsor, the prancing horse can go all out for Lando Norris, if Lewis Hamilton decides to exit the driver’s seat at Mercedes. And you may wonder, “Who would Norris replace?” Well, it would be Charles Leclerc if the Monegasque was tempted by Mercedes in the first place.

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Windsor believes the silly season would begin if Lewis retires at the end of 2023 or 2024. A reason for Leclerc’s interest in Mercedes could be his expiring contract at the end of 2024, possibly making it an easy signing.


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Windsor, as quoted by PlanetF1, on his Twitch stream said, “Let’s say Lewis stops at the end of ‘24 – let’s say ’23 and see how we go – I would imagine Toto is going to try and go for Charles Leclerc. Let’s assume Leclerc went from Ferrari to Mercedes to replace Lewis, which is not a completely stupid assumption, what then would Ferrari do? I think they would go massively all out to get Lando.”

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“And I think Lando at that point would find it quite hard to say no, putting aside all the contractual stuff because I do think that at that level, they can afford to [buy a driver out of their contract].”

However, all of this rests on the scenario when Hamilton retires. If he decides to do it a bit late, then maybe things will not flutter as much as they would if it happens within a year or so.

Would McLaren welcome Lando Norris’s request for separation?

Lando Norris’ case will be heavily influenced by whether McLaren lets him go easily because he signed a contract that runs until the end of 2025. Convincing Zak Brown would be crucial for Norris since the reported project has rested upon him so far.


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So, according to Windsor, Lando would reason with Zak Brown, “Lando would probably say to Zak, ‘look, everything’s been great. We had Daniel, everything was fine, and then you put Piastri in the car and it’s a mess now. I didn’t want it, you’ve done it, I’m out of here, now.’ That’s probably what he would say.”


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Given the belief that the prancing horse always carries in its name, a seat in a Ferrari would be appealing to Lando. And for sure, Russell competing alongside Charles will be a sight to behold.


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On the other hand, while Red Bull already has its eyes set on Max Verstappen and vice versa, the vacuum will be created at Mercedes, which will suck in other drivers on the grid, and there will be plenty of hopping all over. The teams will be looking for their next star, but Horner and the squad will be watching the spectacle.

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