Lewis Hamilton Reveals He Had Stomach-Ache Following His ‘Shoey’ Celebration with Daniel Ricciardo

November 23, 2020 12:26 pm

Lewis Hamilton had never been fond of Daniel Ricciardo’s famous ‘shoey’ celebration and has even rejected the Australian’s offer on multiple occasions.

Considering his disinterest, a few weeks back, the Briton shockingly decided to drink out of Ricciardo’s shoe during the podium ceremony at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. However, the seven-time world champion revealed that following the “great moment” with Ricciardo, he had a regretful afternoon.

During an interview, Lewis Hamilton was asked about how his shoey experience was with Ricciardo. Lewis reacted, “Oh god! I had a stomachache for the rest of the afternoon.”

Although he has never been quite interested in enjoying the celebration with Ricciardo, he later affirmed that he opted for it on the podium in Imola and explained the reason behind his sudden interest in giving it a try. “You know, I’m very much in the mindset, never say never,” he said.

However, the after-effects will definitely have deflated his hopes of doing it again anytime in the future. “Although I don’t want to do it again, I think it was a really great moment,” Lewis clarified.

Lewis Hamilton reveals an unforgettable moment with Ricciardo

Following the ‘shoey,’ Daniel Ricciardo apparently gifted his boot to Lewis Hamilton, which the Briton cherished as a moment they both would share in years to come.

He took that boot and signed it and sent it to me this last race,” Lewis said. “So I’ll always have that moment that I share with him.”

Ricciardo started the tradition of drinking the champagne out of his boot back in 2016, following the German Grand Prix. The first person to join the Australian was his compatriot, Mark Webber, at the Belgian Grand Prix the same year.

Formula One F1 – Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy – Third-placed Daniel Ricciardo of Renault drinks out of a shoe as race winner Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes pours champagne over his head on the podium after the race Pool via Reuters/Miguel Medina

Eventually, his tradition found steam as more drivers were eager to join Ricciardo for the unique celebration on the podium. At the Malaysian Grand Prix, he shared the moment with his boss, Christian Horner, his then-teammate, Max Verstappen, and Nico Rosberg.

Later, in 2017 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Ricciardo found yet another new face to share his shoey with, Lance Stroll. At the Austrian Grand Prix that year, Martin Brundle decided to give it a shot. Hence, looking back at the past, Ricciardo will definitely be happy with the fact that Lewis Hamilton is also now a part of his shoey celebration.

Will the paddock manage to catch more such celebrations from the fan-favorite, Daniel Ricciardo, in the upcoming race weekends?

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