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Lewis Hamilton Reveals the Most Complicated Part of Working With Mercedes F1 Engineers

Published 03/16/2022, 1:02 PM EDT

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According to famous F1 driver, Fernando Alonso, driving an F1 car feels like driving an airplane. If not entirely relatable, this is true to a great extent. Knowing how to drive an F1 car needs a bit of knowledge in engineering as well. As it seems, Lewis Hamilton has that capability.


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When asked about his engineering prowess in an interview with the Mercedes AMG F1 host at the paddock, the 37-year-old driver conveyed, “Yeah, of course, that’s part of the role as a driver. You know you’re feeling something’s out there and you’ve to translate what you’re feeling from. Just feel corner by corner, from entry to mid to exit of every single corner to the engineers and help them navigate.”

Since I was in Renault Formula 3, go out make a change, come in and write down how that felt. And then next time I’d come across that feeling I’d be like hey that’s the tool to fix that. So yeah, you get that up in your memory, and then you can communicate with these Oxford and Cambridge University students who are so so intelligent. But if I can’t communicate what I’m feeling into kind of engineer jargon then we’ll be lost.”, the seven-times world champion further asserted.

What’s in for Lewis Hamilton this season, an all-important one?


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The season finale at Abu Dhabi is still fresh in everyone’s eyes. That is one of the races Hamilton would want to forget as soon as possible. It is never easy to lose three driver’s championships this way.

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One in 2007, the debut season for Lewis, where he lost the championship by 1 point. Then in 2016, where he lost the title by 5 points to teammate Nico Rosberg and lastly in 2021, where he lost it to Max Verstappen by just half a lap.


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Nevertheless, the former McLaren driver will be gunning for his eighth world championship this year. Already pumped up for the glory, Lewis has rung the warning bell. The Mercedes maestro stated that last year was just a part of it, his real hunt for the win will be seen in 2022.



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