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Lewis Hamilton v Michael Schumacher- Settling F1’s GOAT Debate With Astounding Statistics

Published 04/19/2022, 7:42 AM EDT

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Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton, who’s your pick? Who was more naturally gifted? Who did better? Etc. The two giants of Formula 1 are in a league of their own.

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While Schumacher had a gala time with Ferrari, no one came close to defeating Mercedes and Hamilton for a long time. Both men have faced loss and victory, both like anyone else, still honestly remain one of a kind.


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Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton have the most amazing stats

Lewis Hamilton, at 37-years of age, is still performing at his very best. While a driver’s peak years vary, Hamilton has proven otherwise. For the longest time, the champion displayed incredible consistency with his performances. Michael Schumacher, on the other hand, needs no introduction. Solely determined to win everything, he set his eyes on; the man was an enigma on the tracks.

The ‘Schumacher v Hamilton’ series continues. Taking a look at their title-winning years alone, some of these numbers are quite surprising. from formula1


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A recent comparison between the two drivers’ racing stats proves their talent. In their title-winning years, Schumacher and Hamilton sometimes got lucky but were mostly unmatched. In a total of 116 and 134 races for Michael and Hamilton, respectively, they took 43.10% and 46.27% pole positions, respectively.

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Schumacher had a win% of 56.03 in which he won 65 out of a total of his 116  races. Hamilton clocked in a win% of 50.75, where he won 68 out of 134 races.


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Nothing came easy to them

Additionally, Schumacher only retired from 15 out of the 116 races. And Hamilton only retired from 6 out of those 134 races. These are some crazy stats! Podium finishes for both of these men are at a 75% or above rate. Many favor drivers for very different reasons and, to be honest, these men have experienced different journeys.

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From Schumacher’s tussle with Kimi Raikkonen to Hamilton’s mentally draining fight with Nico Rosberg, nothing has been easy. What makes these men special is how they’ve come out on top despite the challenges. They raced during very different phases of Formula 1 and though they’ve raced at the same time too, it wouldn’t be fair to judge things on that.

Remember that epic Monza Battle between the two? It was only a testament to their strength and skillfulness. Well, now it’s up to you to decide who’s your favorite driver after all the facts have been laid out.

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