Lewis Hamilton Wouldn’t Adapt to Italian Culture: Former F1 Driver Advises Lewis Against Joining Ferrari

May 16, 2020 7:26 pm

Former F1 driver David Coulthard believes Lewis Hamilton would fare better in British based F1 teams. Coulthard thinks Hamilton would be more comfortable at a team like Mercedes when compared to Ferrari. The Italian team recently announced its 2021 driver lineup but Lewis was never really in the picture.

Would Lewis Hamilton ever consider Ferrari?

Beneath all the glitz, glamor, and rich history there’s a glaring fact about Ferrari. they’ve been largely unsuccessful in F1 in recent times. 13 years to be exact. In 13 long years, Ferrari has gone through several World Champions without capturing a World Championship. Unless Sebastian Vettel can do something about it, he’ll be joining a long list of unsuccessful Ferrari drivers who failed to bring glory back to Maranello.

Ferrari’s different from the average F1 team. They have to deal with lofty expectations and the style of working isn’t very conventional. Recently, Sebastian described Ferrari as an Italian team with Italian values. Italian or not, Ferrari hasn’t delivered in the past few years and there’s no escaping reality.

With questionable strategies, uncompetitive cars, and driver errors, Ferrari has squandered plenty of opportunities over the years. As a result, the smartest thing Lewis could do is stay put and conquer more titles with the team that’s powered him throughout his career.

Coulthard’s take

Something David Coulthard strongly agrees with. Speaking to SportsMail, Coulthard said:

 ‘No. I don’t think so. Lewis Hamilton has been with Mercedes for most of his career, certainly with Mercedes power, initially with McLaren and now with Mercedes. I just think he’s made for British teams. 

‘Even if he did leave Mercedes, I just don’t see him fitting in with the culture at an Italian-based team. I say that as someone who had a contract offered to me to race with Ferrari, in 1996, and in the end I just felt more comfortable with British teams. 

‘I’m not being disrespectful or nationalistic, I just don’t think I would have fitted in, and I think that’s the case with Lewis. He fits better with Mercedes. I think he’ll be there, or he’ll retire.’

It’s hard to argue with logic when Mercedes has been untouchable for the entirety of the Turbo-hybrid era. More importantly, with Mercedes by his side, Hamilton could clinch title number 7 at the end of the year.

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