Mark Webber’s Mother Was Furious With Sebastian Vettel Following Turkish GP Clash

August 22, 2020 9:05 pm

The rivalry between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber was something that troubled Red Bull Racing for quite some time.  A decade has passed after the incident in Turkey where the two clashed in the race which exposed the tension within the team.

Webber leading the race with Vettel in pursuit was going for his third Grand Prix win in a row. After conquering Spain and Monaco, he was looking forward to making it three a treble.

Sebastian Vettel, at the dawn of his career, was hungry for a win. Approaching a small hairpin, Vettel decided to sneak in and pull off a bold pass.

However, the results were disastrous, a collision and Vettel retirement from the race. Webber went on to clinch the third position, however, the incident created a lot of internal havoc.

Just running down to this little hairpin down there and there’s the little whack to the right which surprised me when Seb wanted to come back so aggressively and we made contact,” Webber shares.

Sebastian Vettel received quite a bashing

Such an incident would leave anyone exasperated, more so if they were in the lead. In fact, Webber’s mother for one wasn’t happy at all. The crew members were disappointed with the move as well.

“That there really infuriated my mother. My mum’s like, ‘My God! He can’t do that about you!’ And there’s Christian, obviously absolutely livid. It was crazy scenes,” he recalls.

Vettel went on to win the Championship that year for the first time, while Webber dropped to the third position with Fernando Alonso in second.

This incident enduringly fanned the flames between Webber and Vettel. However, leaving all this behind, Vettel congratulated Webber after the Australian drove the race that brought the 2013 season and his career to a close.

Currently, Vettel is racing for Scuderia Ferrari. After a couple of fine seasons, he finds himself in an absolute mess with the Italian team. Running 11th in the Drivers’ Championship, he is set to leave the Prancing Horse come 2021.

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