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Mattia Binotto Highlights the Major Steps Ferrari F1 Has Taken to Counter 2019 Problems

Mattia Binotto Highlights the Major Steps Ferrari F1 Has Taken to Counter 2019 Problems

Ferrari SF1000

After months of anticipation, Ferrari’s 2020 challenger was finally unveiled. Scuderia Ferrari will call its 2020 car the SF1000 and it looks stunning. Drivers- Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc and team principal Mattia Binotto presided over the launch. Binotto, in particular, claimed the team had achieved radical changes in the car.

Ferrari launch the SF1000

Ferrari christened its 2020 car- the SF1000. This is due to the fact that the Italian team will complete 1000 races in Formula One.

At first glance, one might mistake the car for the SF90, but there are subtle differences. These include – a bolder, clearer driver number at the nose and rear of the car. Additionally, a small but sharp bump on the engine cover – leading to the rear wing. Furthermore, another minuscule change includes the Italian tricolour between the sidepod and front wheels.

Vettel and Leclerc looked very impressed with the car and Vettel, in particular, had a compliment for the SF1000. Speaking at the launch, Vettel said: “[When you look at the] back part of the car everything sits a lot tighter,”

“We found some clever solutions to be able to achieve that. I can’t wait to drive it, as that’s more exciting than looking at it, one more week to wait, it’s fantastic.”

Ferrari launch 2020

Has the team fixed the issues from the 2019 car?

Traditionally, Vettel has preferred a car with a higher downforce setup and greater stability at the rear. This was something that was lacking in the SF90 and hurt the German on multiple occasions.  Vettel also added that the car looked a lot redder and seemed excited about the upcoming winter test

Team principal Mattia Binotto added that the Scuderia had adopted extreme measures to nail every element of the car. The SF90 struggled on high downforce circuits and had aerodynamic flaws.

“We develop the car to look for maximum aero performance, maximise the downforce level, so the entire car, the monocoque, the power unit layout, the gearbox, has been really packaged in a way to have a slim and narrow body shape, I think that’s really visible on it.” said Mattia.

“We worked a lot on the power unit not only for packaging but we worked on each single component, for performance but also to cope with the changing technical regulations, with the oil consumption reduced by 50 per cent.”

Binotto also asserted that the car had been tweaked to suit the drivers’ preference and was robust. The Italian claimed the SF1000 had been engineered to remain competitive and flexible on all kinds of race tracks, something the SF90 struggled with.

After a promising launch, Scuderia Ferrari will be hoping to finally bring some glory to Maranello in 2020.

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