Max Verstappen Jokes Leclerc’s Been Drinking After a Bizarre Proposal for the Turkish GP

November 15, 2020 2:53 pm

The qualifying at Istanbul Park taxed the drivers on grid yesterday. After what turned out to be an unexpected line up for the Sunday race, Charles Leclerc may have lost his head on the track. Well, Max Verstappen didn’t and thus he got confused about Leclerc’s weird proposal.

Yesterday again, it was another disappointing day for Ferrari. As if their car problems weren’t enough, the wet tracks gave them zero grip. As a result, both the Ferraris couldn’t even make it through Q2.

Although Sebastian may have got accustomed to being there, Leclerc got surely shocked to be in the midfield. Maybe that’s why he proposed to get on a wet, damp track with dry tyres.

Actually, I’m thinking about drys [tires].  That’s a bit optimistic, but I believe it will probably be the case for the race if the sun stays like this and if not any more rains come,” said the Ferrari No. 16.

Sure, it is optimistic. However, on a similar scale, it is equally stupid. Although the interviewer may have let it slide, Max Verstappen did not. The Dutchman rather took a healthy dig at the Leclerc.

He was considering to go on slicks now? He had a few gin tonics this morning?mocked the Dutchman.

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Max Verstappen need not keep an eye out for Leclerc

Istanbul Park is dripping wet today. The wind blowing at 11 km/hr will give a tough time to the drivers. We have already seen all of them spinning out yesterday, struggling to get a grip. Today it may aggravate.

Charles Leclerc was receiving heavy praise from all around the grid. Well, this weird proposition of his may not go down well. Although the drys may promise some extra speed, is he planning on floating past the leaders?

Max Verstappen is starting the race at a P2. After kicking himself all night for gifting pole to Lance Stroll, he will look to win the race. He knows he needs to drive consciously and not spin out.

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – November 14, 2020 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in action during qualifying Pool via REUTERS/Kenan Asyali

Max usually keeps an eye out for Leclerc behind him. However, after Leclerc’s weird proposal, he might not worry about the Ferrari No.16 anymore. Max knows he has to work hard to steer ahead of Mercedes, and he may concentrate on that more.

On the brighter side of things, Charles should let the sunshine on his understanding as well. We wish both the racers a safe race today.

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