Max Verstappen Makes a Surprising Admission About Home Circuit

May 30, 2020 4:36 pm

Recently, Red Bull star Max Verstappen spoke on a variety of subjects while in conversation with Radio538. Among them, he opened up on his favourite circuit on the F1 calendar. Surprisingly, and unsurprisingly, he did not name the Circuit Zandvoort as his favourite.

The surprising part is that it is his home circuit, and some drivers could be partial to that. On the other end of the scale, Max Verstappen has yet to break in the newly revamped Zandvoort circuit. While he has dome a few demonstration runs, he has yet to see it in race conditions.

So, Verstappen had to be honest: “Spa is just my favourite circuit, but that doesn’t detract from Zandvoort. Of course that is also a very challenging circuit. I have to say that with the new changes it really is a super circuit. But my favourite circuit remains Spa.”

To be perfectly honest, Spa is a favourite among many drivers. This is because, it truly presents a challenge to all F1 drivers and it is one of toughest tracks ever to master. The circuit is the biggest test of the year of a driver’s skill and bravery.

What else did Max Verstappen say?

It is also note-worthy that Verstappen was asked to react to the statement, ‘if I don’t become a world champion, my career is worth nothing’. He insisted that he would never make that kind of statement, and drivers have to be ‘lucky’ to land the right team.

According to Max Verstappen, Red Bull is the right team for him. In other words, he has no intention of ever leaving the Austrian team for other pastures. In addition to that, Red Bull will also be eager to hold onto their star driver for the foreseeable future.

With the F1 grid getting shuffled, it is safe to say that neither Red Bull driver are going anywhere. Obviously, Max Verstappen wants to win a world championship and do it with Red Bull.

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