Max Verstappen Refutes Claims That 2022 Rules Are Intended to Slow Down Mercedes

November 23, 2020 4:46 pm

The modern F1 era’s races have seen a lot more redundancy lately. Max Verstappen is often the only challenger to the Mercedes drivers, with the subsequent others engrossed in upper and lower midfield battles of their own.

As a result of this, races have become isolated in parts with everyone fighting for pre-defined objectives. A big reason for it is down to the gulf in quality between these F1 teams and their respective cars.

In an earlier interview, Mercedes‘ Toto Wolff had said that the 2022 regulations were designed to stop his team from attaining further success. However, Verstappen thinks that is not necessarily the case, choosing to instead focusing on the larger picture.

Max Verstappen believes F1’s new owners are listening to teams and drivers

The Dutchman is quoted by Motorsport as saying, “No, I think those rules are just the result of new owners listening to teams and drivers.

“They hear that it is really difficult to overtake and that we want more close racing.”

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas in action during qualifying Pool via REUTERS/Ozan Kose

Excitement levels peaked at last week’s Turkish GP qualifying when Racing Point went toe-to-toe with Red Bull for pole position. Max feels such moments happening often in normal conditions would better suit F1 and makes it more “exciting.”

The Red Bull driver continued and said, “We need the racing in F1 to be more exciting and drivers to be able to follow other cars more closely. And not that qualifying is the deciding factor during a race weekend as it is right now.”

The 2022 regulations will give teams a chance to put their best foot forward

Many have lauded the new set of rules and think it could be a potential ‘game-changer’ for the future of Formula 1. However, Verstappen cannot say as yet whether or not it would massively impact Mercedes.

Formula One F1 – Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy – General view during the race Pool via Reuters/Davide Gennari

“I think that’s why the new regulations are coming in from 2022 onwards. And whether those new rules will slow Mercedes down or not, you can’t even say that at this moment,” concluded Verstappen.

Thrilling racing action is what every F1 viewer demands, and rightly so. One can only hope then that these regulations put out a more level playing field and deliver exciting races in the future.

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