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Max Verstappen Reveals a Bad News Concerning Overtaking in F1 for 2020

Max Verstappen Reveals a Bad News Concerning Overtaking in F1 for 2020

With the significant guideline change of 2021 at the entryway, Max Verstappen will appreciate driving the present age of Formula 1 vehicles for one more year. In any case, the 2020 vehicles have a significant detriment: overtaking will be more troublesome in the coming season.

In spite of the fact that he’s quite a fan of his 2020 challenger, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing star Max Verstappen has uncovered it’s “terrible following other cars” in his RB16, expressing the loss of downforce is far more terrible than beforehand.

At present, vehicles can lose up to half of their downforce when intently following an alternate vehicle, making it very difficult to chase a rival through a technical section and making overtaking too dependent on DRS zones.

The new guidelines for 2021 are set to address this issue in a significant manner as the idea of the cars should create essentially less ‘dirty air‘. Yet it’s an issue Max Verstappen will at present need to manage for the up and coming effort.

Max Verstappen during 1st pre-season testing

The RB16 is the just a single fit for testing Mercedes. Mattia Binotto has just expressed that SF1000 isn’t at standard with Mercedes and Red Bull vehicles during the current year.

Max Verstappen was upbeat from the minute he got in for the first time on Wednesday.

These cars are really fantastic to drive, we are going to break some track records this season,”

“But it is really terrible to follow another car,” he added immediately. He expects more problems for drivers to overtake competitors. “You lose so much downward force. And the cars get faster every year, so it gets worse every year.”

“The car feels better connected to the road. That was the goal after all. It feels much more stable. We tried some things already last year to work towards this. I jumped in the car and it was how we wanted it straight away.”

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