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Max Verstappen Reveals Father’s Anger With His Monaco Move

Published 01/12/2022, 6:07 AM EST

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Max Verstappen moved to Monaco a day after his 18th birthday. Having obtained his license, the driver quickly shifted his home ground. It was a big move for the 18-year-old, but a painful decision for his parents; especially his father, Jos.

In a recent documentary diving deep into the nuances of the driver’s journey to a championship, Jos shared the pain of leaving his precious son. “I have always put everything aside for Max’s career… Max was busy with his career and when he was in Formula 1, he departed to Monaco. And then you lose something and I do find that difficult.”


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Max empathized with his father’s emotions. “My father wasn’t too happy that I went to Monaco. He didn’t show it, but up till my 16th, we always lived together. Because he stopped with his career to focus on me.”

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The documentary shows how as Jos’ flight in F1 ended early; he ensured his son wouldn’t face the same. Growing up, it was almost as if the senior Verstappen sat behind the steering wheel with Max; the elevation and heartbreak were magnified in Jos.

Max Verstappen reflects on his love for Monaco

What’s not to love about Monaco? The beautiful streets, the nightlife, the royal blue waves of the ocean awaiting you. Thus, Monaco had Verstappen’s name all over it. “To be honest, I think, for me, it’s nicer to live in Monaco than  Amsterdam because I can be more myself.”


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Away from the more fame in Belgium, Verstappen also found peace in the silent streets of Monaco. “I don’t like to be recognized all the time. I would prefer to drive Formula 1 and then not get at all, secretly. But that is not possible.”


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After the 2021 season, it is doubtful Max would go unrecognized easily! Nonetheless, the driver has the time of his life in Monaco. From jet skiing in the summer breaks, running around the streets, and training hard in his apartment, Monaco remains Verstappen’s sanctuary.


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Now, as the party hats are swapped for the Red bull snapbacks, we await the return of the Dutch Lion to the F1 circuit.

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