Max Verstappen Still Chasing That One Sebastian Vettel Record for the 2020 F1 Season

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has chased a number of F1 records and stamped his authority. The Dutch driver is the youngest driver to start a Formula One race, as well as the youngest winner. However, he has just one season left to beat Sebastian Vettel’s record as F1’s youngest champion.

The German driver, had beaten Lewis Hamilton’s record when he won the 2010 Formula One title. Now, Verstappen has his eyes on Vettel’s achievement, and is highly motivated.

Sebastian Vettel was 23 years and 134 days old when he seized his maiden title, coincidentally with the Red Bull team. Two months before the 2019 season concluded, Verstappen turned 23, so it he needs to give it his all.

When he spoke to Auto Zeitung, Max Verstapen said, “It would be nice, yes. But I always want to fight for titles, whether I am the youngest or not. I hope I get the chance this season. I will give everything. I am sure we will have a good year. But of course we have to wait and see.”

Is it possible for Max Verstappen to become the youngest champion?

To tell you the truth, Verstappen has the talent to clinch a maiden title. However, his chances of challenging for the crown, rests on Red Bull. If their RB16 is capable of keeping Ferrari and Mercedes on their toes, the chances are very high.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lewis Hamilton will not want to part with his crown without a fight and will be hellbent on keeping it. To Verstappen’s credit, he is a top class driver and has been able to make Hamilton sweat on a few occasions.

The 2020 season will be a difficult one, as Red Bull and Ferrari aim to end Mercedes’ dominant run. Another thing to consider is that Ferrari’s newest star, Charles Leclerc could also win the title, and he is just 22-years old. In other words, if Hamilton does not threaten Verstappen’s record, Charles Leclerc certainly will

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Dhruv George