McLaren Boss Seidl Believes Slowing Mercedes Is the “Only Way” to Make F1 Interesting

September 9, 2020 5:00 am

The Italian Grand Prix was the spice everyone was craving for all these while. Monza had everything to offer on a Sunday afternoon. From Ferrari’s early extinction to a new Grand Prix winner, the race had it all. Although, the headline of the race was the absence of Mercedes in the podium.

McLaren’s Team Principal Andreas Seidl was ecstatic regarding the loss of Mercedes. The loss of Mercedes came as a gust of cold wind to cool the engines of other competitors.

Given the dominance of Mercedes, for which they worked hard for several years to achieve this dominance, they obviously deserve to drive where they drive, and unfortunately that leads to boring races, he says“So it’s obviously a good thing at the moment when something like Monza happens.”

FIA will be implementing a few policies to make the race more competitive and enjoyable. Reflecting on the matter, the German looks forward to the changes and hopes competitive racing would be back soon.

And I am absolutely convinced that with what comes from 2022, with the budget ceiling, with another technical regulation where we should get closer to each other on the track, we will do everything to have this more often or to hopefully have a new normal in Formula 1. I believe the only way to drive more interesting races in the next year and a half will be to artificially slow Mercedes or create some kind of coincidence with reversed grid positions. That is the reality we are in.

The domination of Mercedes in recent years

Mercedes has bagged 6 consecutive double World Championships from 2014.  While Lewis Hamilton grabbed the driver’s Championship on 5 occasions, Nico Rosberg took it in 2016. Lewis Hamilton leads the 2020 list as well. A significant contribution from Valtteri Bottas accumulated quite some points to see Mercedes top the Constructors list.

Even though Mercedes missed a podium in the Italian Grand Prix, they are the favorites to take the World Championship titles home. However, there are a number of races left to happen, and therefore the tables can turn anytime.

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