McLaren CEO Predicting a “Difficult” Season Despite Getting Mercedes Power

By 4 months ago

As was reported a couple of weeks ago, Daniel Ricciardo was confirmed by Mclaren to partner Lando Norris for the 2021 season. Daniel Ricciardo seemed like the best possible replacement for the departing Spaniard, Carlos Sainz jr. He has loads of experience on the F1 circuit with 171 starts. In Those 171 starts, he has bagged 7 wins and 29 podiums, all with Red Bull.

When he left Red Bull for Renault it was definitely a downgrade for him. Now, having signed with McLaren for 2021, he’s moving his career back on the right trajectory.

After boasting a car that was the best on the grid apart from the big three last year will they continue to improve? Zak Brown thinks it’ll be tough.

New regulations will make 2021 difficult for McLaren

That’s what McLaren CEO Zak Brown feels. Its an intriguing statement considering the new rules which have been passed by the FIA would seem to benefit the smaller teams. Unless he considers McLaren to be on par with the big three.

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In his interview with Fox Sports, he said that it will be difficult for his team considering everyone will have to work under the same regulations.

Nonetheless, Brown is looking forward to work with Ricciardo and had high praise for the Australian. Brown said, ” We wanted to get Danny earlier, but then he left for Renault. I’ve been a fan of Daniel’s for years. He is super aggressive on the track and is not afraid to take on good drivers. Hopefully, we can give him a car he can fight with but in 2021 it’s going to be difficult because of the same regulations”

Brown additionally also said that Ricciardo’s signing will help Lando Norris as it will set a benchmark for the young and promising British driver. Brown also feels Ricciardo will be the guy to get Mclaren back to the top of Formula One.

Will Ricciardo take McLaren back to the glory days? only time will tell. There’s sure to be some interesting times ahead for McLaren and if you’re not looking forward to the new bromance between Lando and Daniel then you are lying.

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