McLaren F1 Describe Lewis Hamilton’s Maiden Championship in the Most ‘Boring’ Way Possible

July 8, 2020 11:48 pm

Recently, sports journalist Jeff Eisenband sent out a Tweet issuing a challenge to sportspersons and teams. He wanted people to describe their favorite sports moments in the most boring manner. Straight off the bat, several people joined in, and the McLaren F1 team was one of them.

The Woking-based team spoke of the 2008 F1 season finale and the epic showdown between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa.

Many McLaren fans fondly remember that day, while Ferrari fans curse that day’s very existence. On that fateful day, Felipe Massa became a world champion for exactly 38.907 seconds.

Jubilation for McLaren

When Massa crossed the line to win the race, the Scuderia Ferrari garage practically erupted into cheers. While all that was going on, many missed Timo Glock’s Toyota slowing down due to a lack of fuel. The German was running in 4th at the time until compatriot, Sebastian Vettel overtook him and Lewis Hamilton.

Things got even worse for Glock when Hamilton caught and passed him in the last couple of corners. Once he crossed the finish line, the timing screens showed him in 5th, earning him enough points to win the championship.

However, there was so much drama going on that a large majority of people missed Hamilton passing a struggling Glock.

McLaren replied to Eisenband’s Tweet and spoke about their car that overtook another car. In addition, the team noted that a commentator even wondered if the overtaken car was significant, which it was.

Needless to say, the Mercedes F1 team also replied to McLaren’s tweet and wrote, “This is it. This is the tweet right here.”

Speaking of Lewis Hamilton, the British driver has since gone on to win 6 Formula One world championships. Five of those have come with the Mercedes F1 team, and he is gunning for a record-equalling 7th world championship.

Admittedly, Hamilton’s 2020 campaign got off to a bad start, but he will be hoping to turn it around this weekend.



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