McLaren F1 to be Completely Transparent with Carlos Sainz Despite Move to Ferrari

June 26, 2020 2:49 pm

As we all know, this will be Carlos Sainz Jr‘s last season for McLaren. The Spaniard will be moving to Ferrari once the 2020 season ends.

Usually, when a driver has already signed for another team before his contract is up, he is kept in the dark about his incumbent team’s car development. However, according to McLaren CEO Zak Brown, that will not be the case with Sainz.

McLaren CEO believes that holding back information from Carlos Sainz will not help the team in 2020

Sky Sports interviewed the McLaren F1 CEO, Zak Brown. Brown said, “We are racing together in 2020. We want to have a lot of success together in 2020. He’s a professional, we’re professionals.

“I think, If you start holding back information, then you’re not going to have a successful 2020 together. So I think we are going to focus on 2020 – maximizing it – and I think holding back is not productive.”

Brown also alluded to the fact that, since McLaren’s 2020 car and next year’s one is going to be very similar, he won’t have any concerns about sharing information.

He said, “Our 2021 car is going to look like 2020 (car), so maybe if 2021 had been a brand new car, you then find yourself in an uncomfortable situation of sharing information on next year’s car.

“(However) since next year’s car is effectively going to be this year’s car, so I’m not concerned about it.”

All eyes will be on McLaren, as they are considered to be ‘the best of the rest.’ After a much-improved car last year, than the one they had in 2018, McLaren finished fourth in the Constructors’ championship.

They bagged a total of 145 points and were 54 points clear of 5th placed Renault. They will be hoping to continue from where they left off last season.

Carlos Sainz would also love to give the Woking-based outfit, another podium finish this season, as a parting gift.


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